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Articles and quick guides focused on teaching homeowners and professionals alike how to grow and care for different plants popular in the south Florida landscape.


The number one agricultural crop in the United States is TURF. It comprises the majority of the space occupying Turf-webyour property, it’s used to adorn parks and leisure areas, and is the main platform for playing sports.

Under the Microscope

All problems in the lawn and garden are cause by five major disorders, nutrition, insects, diseases, weeds or cultural Microscope practices. Knowing the cause, recognizing the symptoms and identifying the culprit is key to a healthy lawn or garden.

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To care and maintain a healthy lawn you need the tools of the professional. Here we provide you all the inside Tables-web information you need to do the job. How to read labels, how to mix formulas, rates and application methods.

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Stay informed on all the comprehensive research being conducted at MAAK Propagation and Research in the fields ofManual of -web propagation, turf management and plant development.